Do you ever feel a bit restless? Like your heart is not quite on fire for Jesus and you’re struggling to rekindle it? Maybe you’ve grown…

Get Unstuck

What do I do when I feel stuck?

When I feel stuck, being at home and sitting around not doing a whole lot is really hard on the body and mind. While we’re all…

No Headlights

When life feels overwhelming

I had a dream last night, really more of a nightmare if I am honest. I was driving down a very dark road with my child…

Have No Fear

Have No Fear

This post coming on April Fools Day is a bit ironic. A day people are worried, afraid and anxious about pranks at every turn. This is…

Get Out of Your Rut

Get out of your rut

My daughter and I have been sick for the better part of the last 2 months and now I’m just getting over bronchitis and a sinus…

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