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Printables Newsletter Pack 1


Grab a full set of printables every month with our Printables Newsletter, snag the items on their own, or grab the individual packs.

Printables Newsletter Pack 1 includes the following:

  • 2023 Calendar with Christian Holidays

    • This calendar pack comes in a variety of sizes and is dated and filled with a variety of holidays relevant to Christians. Each holiday includes an explanation of what it’s about!

  • Dusty Rose Prayer Journal + Accessible Version

    • You will receive 2 files – a High Contrast version that is friendlier for those desiring a more accessible design, and a lighter design for a more pastel, printer-friendly version.

  • Genesis Bible Overview

    • Let’s get started with the very beginning! This overview covers the book of Genesis to help you as you read and study scripture.

  • Pentateuch Genealogy Bible Study Charts

    • These Bible study charts cover the genealogies from Abraham through to the sons of Israel.


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