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Names of Jesus The Rock

Names of Jesus: The Rock

Paul teaches believers about the importance of Jesus Christ as the rock of our lives. Jesus is our Chief Cornerstone, and He is also our Spiritual…

Esther Overview

Main Themes of the Book of Esther

The book of Esther is a dramatic and beautiful story where much can be learned about God, His people, His calling, and His sovereignty over all…

Nehemiah Overview

Main Themes of the Book of Nehemiah

The book of Nehemiah happens in a time when the Jewish people had been rebuilding the city, but were spiritually indifferent toward God and needed encouragement…

Names of Jesus Bridegroom

Names of Jesus: Bridegroom

As followers of Jesus, the Church, we are the bride of Christ, and Christ is the bridegroom. He is off preparing a place for those who…

Names of Jesus Advocate

Names of Jesus: Advocate

No matter where you are at on your faith journey, understanding what it means for Jesus to be your advocate can change your whole life.…

Names of Jesus Great High Priest

Names of Jesus: Great High Priest

Taking a step back to Moses and Aaron's time, God commanded Moses and Aaron to lead the people in establishing the priesthood, tabernacle, and sacrificial system.…

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