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Names of Jesus as the Truth

Names of Jesus as the Truth

Jesus is the Truth, and His Word is Truth. By studying these many names, we can all better understand Jesus' identity, role, ministry, teachings, and works.…

Names of Jesus Faithful and True

Names of Jesus: Faithful and True

Jesus is Faithful and True. He keeps His promises, is able and willing to defeat the enemy, and is also able to defeat the giants we…

Names of Jesus Victorious One

Names of Jesus: Victorious One

Our strength and ability to overcome is from the Victorious One, the one who overcame the world and gave His strength to those who believe in…

Names of Jesus Risen Lord

Names of Jesus: Risen Lord

Those who have faith in Jesus as the Risen Lord receive salvation and with it the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.…

Names of Jesus Holy Servant

Names of Jesus: Holy Servant

By faith in the Holy Servant, we are restored to God and are called to live by Jesus's example. All throughout scripture we are instructed to…

Names of Jesus The True Vine

Names of Jesus: The True Vine

The True Vine is the backbone, strength, and source of all that the branches need to grow strong and bear good fruit.…

Names of Jesus Light of the World

Names of Jesus: Light of the World

Jesus' name as the Light of the World stands out as one often referenced but that holds a deeper significance than this name usually seems to…

Names of Jesus Bread of Life

Names of Jesus: Bread of Life

Jesus is the Bread of Life; through this name, we can better understand who Jesus is and what He satisfies in the lives of those who…

Names of Jesus Teacher

Names of Jesus: Teacher

As we study many of Jesus's names that speak of Him as Truth, learning of Jesus as the Teacher is an essential piece of the puzzle…

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