Our Morning Song

Christian Gaming Fellowship

Fellowship for Christian Gamers

Our Morning Song is the Christian gaming group for the Water On Thirsty Land community. We encourage followers of Jesus to start every day in scripture, rejoicing in the Lord, learning more about who God is, and thanking Jesus for His salvation, provisions, and blessings.

Our Morning Song is for those who wish to play games in a Christian, family-friendly environment. Christian gaming events, interactions, and groups are held to the standard of Christ and members are committed to displaying and growing in Christ-like conduct while gaming and interacting with others.

But I will sing of your strength
and will joyfully proclaim
your faithful love in the morning.
For you have been a stronghold for me,
a refuge in my day of trouble.

Psalm 59:16 CSB

Christian Elder Scrolls Online Guild (PC-NA)

Christian gaming ESO guild hall

About our Christian ESO Guild

  • Elder Scrolls Online guild on PC/NA Server
  • Primarily a casual, social guild
  • Fully-stocked guild hall
  • Variety of fellowship events
  • Many master crafters ready to help with crafting needs

ESO Guild Events:

  • Weekly & Monthly Raffles
  • Dungeon & Trials
  • Fishing & Farming
  • Progression Training Groups
  • ESO Housing Events
  • & lots more!

Christian Minecraft

Christian gaming Minecraft realm on Bedrock

About Our Minecraft Realm

  • Survival, Vanilla on Bedrock (Windows 10).
  • You keep your inventory, creepers don’t blow things up, & achievements are turned off.
  • Each person is given a starter room in the community center after an entry tour.
  • Do your part to help take care of and maintain the community center and farm.

Minecraft Realm Events:

  • Gather together on Friday evenings
  • Work on community projects together
  • Get help with your projects
  • Fight the Ender Dragon and explore the End
  • Build fast-travel paths between points of interest
  • Buy items from the leader-operated realm shop

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