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Blue Smiley Stars Print and Cut Bible Tabs


Ever want to add new tabs to your Bible, but can’t find the right ones? Maybe you want a specific material for your tabs, or you want them to be a little more durable. Maybe you prefer a little thinner so your Bible pages don’t get ripped as easily. Our Blue Smiley Stars Print and Cut Bible tabs are a great solution as they are easy to print and cut out yourself with whatever materials you want to use!

Our Blue Smiley Stars Print and Cut Bible Tabs come with 66 books of the Bible, and even abbreviated options for some of the longer names. There are also tabs to separate the categories of books, and to easily locate some additional resources commonly found in many study Bibles. We also include a few blank tabs for anything specific you want to add to your Bible!

This beautiful set of Bible tabs also comes with a bonus Bible sticker! You can print and cut the page in half to have a sticker to encourage you in prayer, and another to encourage you with a variation of the I.D.E.A. Bible study method.

My favorite way to print and cut these Bible tabs is to print them on matte sticker paper and then cover them with a self-sealing lamination sheet. I then use a paper cutter or just a simple pair of scissors to cut them, and book by book apply them.

Get this elegant Printable Bible Tab set to personalize the aesthetics of your Bible and find what you are looking for in its pages with ease.


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