Deep Dive Studies

We all have questions about difficult Bible topics. Our deep dive studies focus on answering the more controversial, challenging, and difficult topics we have questions about throughout scripture.

Names of Jesus Almighty

Names of Jesus: Almighty

As we explore Jesus as Almighty, we will also discover some confirmation of attributes we learn from some of His other names.…

Names of Jesus I Am

Names of Jesus: I Am

This week we will dive in and learn more about John 8:58 where Jesus refers to Himself as "I Am" and reveals His omnipotence, omnipresence, and…

Names of Jesus Lord of All

Names of Jesus: Lord of All

The Lord of All reveals Himself to us through His Word and wants us to spend time growing in our knowledge of and relationship with Him.…

What is the source of humility_

What is the source of humility?

Pride is a dangerous thing, and certainly something no one wants to admit to. Knowing that pride began with Satan and influenced people all the way…

What is the source of pride_

What is the source of pride?

Pride is an uncomfortable topic. It is something we can usually identify in others pretty easily, but we typically fail to see it in ourselves. Pride…

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