Main Themes of the Gospel of John

Gospel of John Overview

Who wrote the Gospel of John and who did they write it for?

The apostle John wrote the gospel of John. His father was Zebedee, and his mother was Salome, who was sister to Mary the mother of Jesus, making John the cousin of Jesus. John wrote the book of John to fellow Jews, encouraging them to confess faith in Jesus and persevere in their new identity in Christ.

When did the events of the the Gospel of John happen?

The events of the book of John take place from the birth to the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. John likely wrote his account of the gospel between 80-95AD, toward the end of his life.

What was the setting of the Gospel of John?

Scholars believe that John likely wrote his account of the gospel while he was in Ephesus toward the end of his life. Jewish Christians were being thrown out of the Synagauges and heavily persecuted, and John wrote the gospel of John to help give these Christians purpose and reinforce their identity in Christ.

What is the purpose of the Gospel of John?

How does the Gospel of John apply to my life?

What are the main themes of the gospel of John?
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The Apostle John was cousin to Jesus. His father was Zebedee, mentioned many times in the New Testament, and his mother was Salome who was sister to Jesus’ mother, Mary. John was in Jesus’ inner circle, and he and his brother James were nicknamed by Jesus “sons of thunder” (Mark 3:17). He was also called “uneducated and untrained” (Acts 4:13), but also was “the disciple whome Jesus loved” (John 21:20).

Scripture indicates that John ministered longer than any other disciple, that he was an eyewitness to the ministry and life of Jesus, was present even for the Last Supper, was with Peter on the way to Jesus’ empty tomb, and also recognized Jesus after He had resurrected.

There is much evidence throughout the New Testament to support that John was in fact very close to Jesus and that Jesus loved John deeply. His gospel account has been called the spiritual gospel, focusing on the spiritual aspects of the life and works of Jesus Christ versus a more synoptic account as with Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Throughout this gospel account, John presents Jesus as the divine Word, the Christ, and the Son of God. He reinforces that Jesus is Redeemer and that He is the Sacrificial Lamb, which would have resonated strongly with the Jewish population, and the only means to salvation and eternal life.

All throughout this book, John focuses on the spiritual aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry, how Jesus can sympathize and understand what we face in the human life, and how this should impact us spiritually. This book should serve as an incredible encouragement to all who read it that Jesus is in fact the Son of God, Savior and Redeemer, and the ultimate sacrifice for sins for those who choose to believe in Him.

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