Main Themes of the Gospel of Mark

Mark Overview

Who wrote the Gospel of Mark and who did they write it for?

The Apostle Mark wrote the gospel of Mark for gentile Christians, in particular to Roman converts, and those suffering and being persecuted.

When did the events of the the Gospel of Mark happen?

There is much debate over when Mark wrote this gospel account, but the events which it covers are from the time of Jesus’ birth until His death and resurrection.

What was the setting of the Gospel of Mark?

Regardless of when Mark wrote this gospel account, Christians were being heavily persecuted. Mark’s account addresses the reality of their suffering and persecution and serves to encourage them with his account of the gospel of Jesus.

What is the purpose of the Gospel of Mark?

How does the Gospel of Mark apply to my life?

  • Records Jesus’ actions and achievements throughout His ministry
  • Gives detailed accounts that include emotions, responses, reactions, appearances, and more
  • Proclaims the resurrection as the mighty victory that it is
  • Focuses on Jesus as the Savior-King and Miracle Worker
  • Places great emphasis on Jesus’ miracles and mighty power
  • Helps readers better understand the mighty works of Jesus
  • Validates the triumphs, miracles, conflicts, and suffering Jesus endured
  • Speaks directly to the reader in order to better relay from an eye-witness perspective
  • Poses questions that a reader would likely ask themselves
  • Seeks to transform believers, not just inform them
  • Encourages Christians who are persecuted and suffering for the faith in Jesus
  • Verifies the Truth of the gospel and encourages Christians to share this Truth with future generations


The Apostle Mark wrote this gospel account very unique compared to the other three accounts; Matthew, Luke, and John. Throughout the New Testament, we see evidence that Mark was a great helper to both Paul and Peter, and traveled with both of them. It is said that the gospel of Mark is actually the written account of Peter’s recollection of events, that Mark wrote Peter’s record of events from his travels and time with Jesus.

There is much speculation about where Mark was when he wrote this account, as well as when exactly he wrote it, but regardless of those details, we can be certain that the gospel of Jesus according to Mark is filled with encouragement for Christians of all generations. Mark clearly spoke to Christians at an emotional yet logical and practical level. The way he wrote his account was such that it would spur a Christian into action, into change, to be transformed by the gospel rather than merely informed about it.

In Mark’s lifetime after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Christians were being widely persecuted for faith in Jesus. This gospel account serves to speak directly to those who suffer for Christ’s sake, who are persecuted in His name, who need encouragement to keep on and remain holding fast to their saving faith in Christ.

The gospel according to Mark is different from all of the other three gospel accounts and is just as important for all Christians to read, study, believe, and apply to their lives.

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