Main Themes of the Book of Romans

Romans Overview

Who wrote the books of Romans and who did they write it to?

Paul wrote the book of Romans to all Christians in Rome, some Jews and mostly gentiles, a church in which he had not founded and had never visited.

When did the events of the book of Romans happen?

The book of Romans was likely written around AD 57.

What is the setting of the book of Romans?

Paul likely wrote this letter while in Corinth on his third missionary journey, just before his journey to Jerusalem.

What is the purpose of the book of Romans?

  1. Revelation of God’s Righteousness (Romans 1-8)
    1. Condemnation (Romans 1-3)
    2. Justification (Romans 3-5)
    3. Sanctification (Romans 6-8)
  2. Vindication of God’s Righteousness (Romans 9-11)
    1. Chosen by God (Romans 9)
    2. Rejection of God (Romans 10)
    3. Restoration by God (Romans 11)
  3. Application of God’s Righteousness (Romans 12-15)
    1. Christian duties (Romans 12-13)
    2. Christian liberties (Romans 14-15)
  4. Conclusion (Romans 16)

How does the book of Romans apply to my life?


Romans was written to a mixed audience of Jews and gentiles. It challenges secular and pagan beliefs, as well as instills spiritual confidence in believers. This letter from Paul to the Romans is packed with his systemic defense for the gospel as well as encouragement and instruction in Christian living, Christian freedom, and ways in which we are called to present ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the book of Romans, Paul provides vital wisdom, guidance, and testimony that is important for all Christians to take to heart. This is commonly known as an incredibly convicting book.

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