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Judges Overview

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Who wrote the Book of Judges and who did they write it for?

Although there is no claim of authorship, Samuel is said to have written the book of Judges to record the Israelites’ history from Joshua’s death, to Samuel’s leadership, to the beginning of the monarchy.

When did the events in the Book of Judges happen?

The events recorded in the book of Judges likely occurred between approximately 1405-1050 BC

What is the setting of the Book of Judges?

The Israelites had been appointed land in Canaan, which was the bridge between Egypt and Mesopotamia. There was a wide variety of people and religions, and there was no real leadership. God appointed judges to rule over His people.

What is the purpose of the Books of Judges?

How does the Book of Judges apply to my life?

  • Describes one of the darkest times in Israel’s history from a spiritual and theological standpoint.
  • Shows the importance of obedience to God, and the consequences of disobedience.
  • It Reminds Christians of the seriousness of sin, displays the damage sin causes, and shows the impact it has when allowed to take root.
  • Explains the cycle of God’s people to sin, rebel and turn against God.
  • Teaches that a lack of godly leadership leads to chaos and a breakdown of justice and that God calls and appoints people to willingly serve Him.
  • Teaches that God does not always call and appoint the people we expect, but uses those He knows are right for the work He has planned.
  • Reminds all generations of Christians that no matter the choices people make, God is in control and He is sovereign over all of creation throughout all history.


The Israelites had been appointed land in Canaan and shortly after Joshua died the Israelites returned to their rebellious ways and turned away from God. The book of Judges is a recording of the honest history of one of the darkest times in Israel’s history, where they drove themselves deeper and deeper into the cycle of sin and disobedience against God.

Judges is incredibly important for Christians to read and take to heart because it puts on display the real consequences of continued unfaithfulness. It also puts the faithfulness of God on display and His sovereignty.

The history of the Israelites is packed with ups and downs, and this book gives us a look into what happens when we continue in our sin and allow sin to take root and drive us from our Heavenly Father. We see God’s people become darker, more corrupt, more oppressed, and more selfish as their story continued.

The installment of Judges is an important one, teaching all generations of Christians that we need godly leaders in our lives, and also that God calls us to work for Him in all kinds of ways. It also teaches us that God will even use people we don’t expect to be leaders of the faith.

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