Main Themes of the Book of Hebrews

Who wrote the Book of Hebrews and who did they write it for?

The author of Hebrews is unknown. It is commonly believed that whoever the author was, they wrote the book of Hebrews to Jewish Christians in Rome who were second-guessing their conversion.

When did the events of Book of Hebrews happen?

Many topics within the book of Hebrews point to it being written before the persecution by Nero, likely before 64 AD.

What was the setting of the Book of Hebrews?

The book of Hebrews was written in a time of great Christian persecution. This was causing many Christian converts to second-guess their decision and question whether they should convert back to Judaism. They needed reassurance of their faith in a time when believing in Jesus could mean death or torture.

What is the purpose of the Book of Hebrews?

  1. Superiority and Salvation of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1-10)
  2. Elements of Faith (Hebrews 11)
  3. Exhortations for Christian Living (Hebrews 12-13)

How does the Book of Hebrews apply to my life?


The book of Hebrews was written to Jews who had converted to Christianity and were considering converting back to Judaism because of the persecution of Christians. There were a lot of questions and fear that Jesus was not enough. The book of Hebrews was written to tackle some essential questions for those wondering if Christ is really enough and if Christianity is really the true faith.

Hebrews addresses key topics every Christian should be familiar with, such as salvation and the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ. The writer of Hebrews exhorts Christians to keep on in the true faith and teaches valuable lessons for Christian living. Hebrews helps Christians understand their relationship with Christ, and the spiritual life we have through our relationship with God.

The book of Hebrews also expresses a deep understanding of the Old Testament, Old Covenant, and Jewish beliefs in order to help the Jewish people understand and trust that Jesus is truly superior and sufficient. The New Covenant is superior to the Old Covenant, and Jesus is superior to all Old Testament faith heroes. This was a major argument for the Jewish people that grew up under the Law of Moses and the Old Testament teachings.

The book of Hebrews is filled with exhortations, wisdom, and firm warnings for those wavering in their faith. It is absolutely relevant and important for Christians of all generations to read, study and understand.

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