Main Themes of the Book of Genesis

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Who wrote the Book of Genesis and who did they write it to?

Moses wrote the book of Genesis for the Israelites while wandering in the wilderness of Sinai.

When did the events of the Book of Genesis happen?

The book of Genesis covers the timeframes from creation to the late 15th Century, approximately 400 years after the death of Joseph.

What was the setting of the Book of Genesis?

The book of Genesis covers the events from Creation to the Israelites in Egypt.

What is the purpose of the Book of Genesis?

  1. Creation & the Fall
    1. Creation & the Fall (Genesis 1-3)
  2. Beginning of human life on earth
    1. Beginning of Families (Genesis 4-5)
    2. Noah & the Flood (Genesis 6-9)
    3. Descendants of Noah & Division of Nations (Genesis 10-11)
  3. Covenant to bring us back into a relationship with God
    1. Abraham & Sarah (Genesis 12-25)
    2. Covenant (Genesis 15:18)
    3. Isaac & Rebekah (Genesis 26-27)
    4. Jacob & Esau (Genesis 27-36)
    5. Joseph (Genesis 37-50)

How does Genesis apply to my life?

  1. Learn about the beginning, humanity’s fall, and the start of God’s rescue story.
  2. Learn where we came from, why we are here, and why we need salvation.
  3. Understand how humanity began with God and how badly God wants a relationship with us.
  4. Establishes the priorities God wants us to set in our relationships.
  5. Understand the covenant relationship we have with God and why it started.
  6. Sets us up for the Law.
  7. Reminds us that we are not alone in our sin nature, and that sin has been a problem for every single human in all of time.

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