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Ecclesiastes Overview

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Who wrote Ecclesiastes and who did they write it to?

Solomon, King of Israel, son of King David, is traditionally credited as the author of Ecclesiastes.

When did the events of Ecclesiastes happen?

Solomon wrote this book late in his life as a reflection of his life and experiences, likely during the 10th century BC.

What was the setting of Ecclesiastes?

This is a book of wisdom literature intended for educational purposes. It is written for a parent to their children or a teacher to their students.

What is the purpose of Ecclesiastes?

  1. Vanity of life (Ecclesiastes 1-2)
    1. Vanity of human wisdom (Ecclesiastes 1)
    2. Vanity of pleasure, labor, and wealth (Ecclesiastes 2)
  2. Limitations of life (Ecclesiastes 3-12)
    1. God’s sovereignty versus human wisdom (Ecclesiastes 3-4)
    2. Wisdom for worship and wealth (Ecclesiastes 5)
    3. Limitations of human wisdom (Ecclesiastes 6-10)
    4. Superiority of godly wisdom (Ecclesiastes 11-12)

How does Ecclesiastes apply to my life?

  • Answers the very human questions about the meaning of life and if life is worth living.
  • Teaches that the meaning of life is not found in work, wealth, desires, leisure, learning, or anything of the world, but is found only in a relationship with God.
  • Teaches that a life not focused on the Lord is futile and empty.
  • Declares our ultimate purpose is to obey and glorify God in all things, at all times, no matter the season or circumstances we find ourselves in.


Ecclesiastes is said to have been written by Solomon, King of Israel, in the later years of his life as a reflection of the godly wisdom he has gained during his lifetime and a reflection of his own life. It is an educational style book intended for the edification of a child or student.

The book focuses on declaring the meaning of human life, the vanity of human efforts without and against God, and the purpose for all of existence – to honor and glorify God within a personal relationship with Him. This book is filled with vital wisdom for all Christians to live by.

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