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Deuteronomy Overview

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Who wrote Deuteronomy and who did they write it to?

Moses wrote Deuteronomy for the new generation of Israelites that would inherit the land promised to their ancestors by God.

When did the events of Deuteronomy happen?

Deuteronomy covers the timeline of approximately 1446BC-1380BC and is said to have been written while the Israelites were camped across from the Promised Land, right before entering the land.

What is the setting of Deuteronomy?

On the plains of Moab, across the Jordan River from the Promised Land where they camped after their 40 years of wandering the wilderness.

What is the purpose of Deuteronomy?

  1. Moses reviews the history of the Israelites (Deuteronomy 1–3)
  2. Promises and need for leaders (Deuteronomy 1)
  3. Israel’s journey and rebellion (Deuteronomy 2-3)
  4. Moses reviews the law for the Israelites (Deuteronomy 4–26)
  5. Commands (Deuteronomy 4-13)
  6. Worship and fellowship (Deuteronomy 14-26)
  7. Moses reviews the covenant between God and the Israelites (Deuteronomy 27–30)
  8. Moses’ final days (Deuteronomy 31–34)

How does Deuteronomy apply to my life?

  • The fifth book of the Pentateuch; the books of Moses.
  • Summary of the whole Pentateuch, and the first book of prophecy.
  • Tells of Israel’s disobedience, destruction, and eventual restoration.
  • Reminds us that we are called to love and obey God, that God is a promise keeper, and that there are consequences for disobedience as well as the promise of hope to come.
  • Updates and expands on the laws for the Israelites as they prepare to enter the Promised Land.
  • Focuses on the generation of Israelites that were not present during the events on Mount Sinai.
  • Lessons for the Israelites in how God wanted them to live in the land He had been promised to them in their ancestors’ lifetime.
  • Tells of the last days of Moses’ life, and the choosing of his successor.

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