Names of Jesus Chief Cornerstone

Names of Jesus: Chief Cornerstone

No one can lay a firm foundation on anything but Christ. Only a life built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, the Chief Cornerstone, will stand.…

we will Be Blessed

We Will Be Blessed | Job Devotional

How do we know when we are blessed by God? What does it mean to be “blessed”? One definition, according to Dictionary.com, says “a favor or…

we must stand firm

We Must Stand Firm | Job Devotional

There is a strange peace in knowing that any moment could be your last and trusting God with your life nonetheless. This peace has the power…

we will Be Challenged

We Will Be Challenged | Job Devotional

When Christ walked the earth it was incredibly dangerous to be a follower of Jesus. Even before Christ came people faced peril and ridicule when they…

we won't understand

We Won’t Understand | Job Devotional

Last week we dove into some different ways we are tested throughout life, and how we should respond to being tested. Another important thing we can…

Why do we suffer

Why do we suffer?

Why do we suffer? Why is there so much tragedy, heartache, pain, and suffering in life? What on earth is there to gain from so much…

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