What John 16_33 teaches us about renewal

What John 16:33 teaches about renewal

Have you ever wondered why you have gone through the difficulties, pains, and tragedies you have or are going through? Ever fought temptation, discontentment, and struggled…

What Mark 14_38 teaches us about renewal

What Mark 14:38 teaches about renewal

Temptation. It’s a word that triggers differently for each person, yet the same for so many of us. We’re not alone in our experiences fighting temptation,…

What Matthew 16_24 teaches us about renewal

What Matthew 16:24 teaches about renewal

Matthew 16:24 provides necessary instruction from Jesus that came right after Peter rebuked Jesus when He told the disciples about his upcoming death and resurrection. Jesus…

What Psalm 51_10 teaches us about renewal

What Psalm 51:10 teaches about renewal

Sometimes when I make a mistake, overreact, hurt someone, forget something, or blatantly sin I feel like a genuinely horrible person unworthy of God. It makes…

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