Quench Your Thirst

We are created with a deep longing, a thirst in our very souls, to know and be known by God on a deep and personal level. Our Quench Your Thirst posts are dedicated to the deeper, meatier studies to help us go beyond the basics to know Him better in all areas of our lives.

Names of Jesus Judge

Names of Jesus: Judge

God gives Jesus the name and role of Judge, and it is important for people to know and understand just what this means both for Him,…

Names of Jesus Almighty

Names of Jesus: Almighty

As we explore Jesus as Almighty, we will also discover some confirmation of attributes we learn from some of His other names.…

Names of Jesus I Am

Names of Jesus: I Am

This week we will dive in and learn more about John 8:58 where Jesus refers to Himself as "I Am" and reveals His omnipotence, omnipresence, and…

Names of Jesus Lord of All

Names of Jesus: Lord of All

The Lord of All reveals Himself to us through His Word and wants us to spend time growing in our knowledge of and relationship with Him.…

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