Healthy You Series

Healthy You Bible study series

Healthy You Unique

Healthy You: Unique

Throughout this Healthy You study we’ve gone deep into some wonderful, uncomfortable, intense ways God works in us and calls on us to live. We’ve studied…

Healthy Identity

Healthy You: Identity

Have you ever been denied? Rejected? Trolled? Shunned? Wronged? Have you ever wondered “who am I supposed to be?” or “what am I supposed to do?”…

Healthy Prepared

Healthy You: Prepared

I think we can all agree that talking about this pandemic is like playing a broken record. It is hard to feel like anything new, let…

Healthy Relationships

Healthy You: Relationships

Self-esteem feels like a fickle thing. It can ebb and flow with the tides of each day. Sometimes we feel great, floating along as if on…

Healthy Rest

Healthy You: Rest

In today’s society, we face conflicting views, stigmas, and expectations about rest. One side of the coin touts that idleness equals laziness, time is money so…

Grateful Under Pressure

Oh, Thanks! Under Pressure

In this season of thanks, it’s always good to take time to reflect on the goodness that God has given us in all circumstances. Today’s we…

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