Quench Your Thirst

We are created with a deep longing, a thirst in our very souls, to know and be known by God on a deep and personal level. Our Quench Your Thirst posts are dedicated to the deeper, meatier studies to help us go beyond the basics to know Him better in all areas of our lives.

Names of Jesus Light of the World

Names of Jesus: Light of the World

Jesus' name as the Light of the World stands out as one often referenced but that holds a deeper significance than this name usually seems to…

Names of Jesus Bread of Life

Names of Jesus: Bread of Life

Jesus is the Bread of Life; through this name, we can better understand who Jesus is and what He satisfies in the lives of those who…

Names of Jesus Teacher

Names of Jesus: Teacher

As we study many of Jesus's names that speak of Him as Truth, learning of Jesus as the Teacher is an essential piece of the puzzle…

Names of Jesus The Rock

Names of Jesus: The Rock

Paul teaches believers about the importance of Jesus Christ as the rock of our lives. Jesus is our Chief Cornerstone, and He is also our Spiritual…

Names of Jesus Bridegroom

Names of Jesus: Bridegroom

As followers of Jesus, the Church, we are the bride of Christ, and Christ is the bridegroom. He is off preparing a place for those who…

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