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Names of Jesus: Good Shepherd

Jesus explains to the Pharisees that He is the Good Shepherd of His sheep, giving a stark contrast between Himself and the religious leaders of the…

Names of Jesus Chief Cornerstone

Names of Jesus: Chief Cornerstone

No one can lay a firm foundation on anything but Christ. Only a life built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, the Chief Cornerstone, will stand.…

Names of Jesus The Beloved

Names of Jesus: The Beloved

Jesus Christ is the Beloved; He is the Beloved Son of God, and He is also the Beloved Saviour of all mankind.…

Names of Jesus Emmanuel

Names of Jesus: Emmanuel

The name Emmanuel emphasizes the nearness of God to His people. Throughout scripture, we are given insight into what it means that God is with us.…

Ezra Overview

Main Themes of the Book of Ezra

The book of Ezra is a continuation of 1 and 2 Chronicles and picks up with the proclamation of the Persian King Cyrus who had just…

Names of Jesus Messiah

Names of Jesus: Messiah

Jesus Christ proved while He dwelled among people on earth that He was the promised Messiah the Jewish people had been waiting for for many generations.…

Son of Man

Names of Jesus: Son of Man

There are many names that teach of Jesus as the Son of Man. What does it mean that Jesus is the Son of Man, and why…

Names of Jesus Son of God

Names of Jesus as the Son of God

Learning Jesus' many names helps us to learn more about His identity as the Son of God, and also helps us to better understand our relationship…

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