Morning Brew Community & Water On Thirsty Land unite!

Morning Brew Community

Morning Brew Community is celebrating three years of ministry in the gaming world, and we have some exciting news in honor of this landmark!

Morning Brew Community is part of Water On Thirsty Land!

We are an entire community of people that comes from many places, all walks of life, and have many reasons for being a part of this ministry. The overall focus of Water On Thirsty Land is to provide Bible studies, Christian living resources, prayer, fellowship, and various tools and products that encourage deeper faith and relationship with God. Combining Morning Brew Community and Water On Thirsty Land will strengthen and reinforce our mission, allow us to reach even more people with the truth of the gospel and message of salvation, and edify and exhort fellow believers further and wider.

Water On Thirsty Land now encompasses:

What does this mean?

  1. Morning Brew Community now has a new website that will be solely focused on the gaming and fellowship aspects of our wonderful community.
  2. Water On Thirsty Land’s website is where all Bible studies, blog content and other Christian resources can be found.
  3. Both Morning Brew Community and Water On Thirsty Land subscribers will be included in our Mailing List
  4. All fellowship is currently housed in the Morning Brew Community Discord Server, but we are also working on a dedicated Discord server for the shop and blog that is a companion to the Morning Brew server.
  5. Financial support options have been updated and include some awesome merchandise perks as a thank you for the support!

Where have we been?

This ministry began over 3 years ago when God called me to start streaming on Twitch and then to start a Christian guild in Elder Scrolls Online, a popular MMO video game. I had never even heard of Twitch, had just started gaming not long before, and I was still very new to studying the Bible yet God made it very clear my calling was to jump headfirst into all of it for His glory.

We started under the original name God’s Gamers and have since evolved into what we are today, a growing, thriving, and expanding community and ministry that reaches people far and wide with the truth and encouragement of scripture, and the message of salvation.

Our mission is to share and uphold Biblical truth, encourage spiritual growth and stronger, personal relationships with God through our Savior, Jesus Christ, through Bible studies, fellowship groups, and various products and offerings. All that we do is done to help us achieve and live out this mission for the sake of God’s glory and kingdom.

Many of our Morning Brew Community members will remember the time we spent on Twitch. I know I will never forget the incredible memories built on the platform, the intense and incredibly deep studies we had, and the relationships I have built there. For some, this will news answer your questions about why I left Twitch.

As I was called to step away from streaming late last year, I began to see God leading me to what is now unfolding before us here. I have been reminded of the incredible blessings and provisions along the way thus far and I am confident in where He is leading us now. Two years of streaming and leading the guild in ESO were stepping stones on the path leading us here together, and onward to whatever He has planned ahead.

Where are we going?

I am humbled constantly by the experiences of the past 3 years. As we unite Morning Brew Community and Water On Thirsty Land, we are headed toward so much more than I ever dreamed when I first stepped out in faith to begin this journey. With each sector of the community and ministry, we will be able to place specific focus on designated areas God calls us to step out and reach with His love and truth.

We have taken many steps over the last year as these plans have been in development and now have a thriving Prayer Team, have begun our new Community Care Team, and are branching out not only into more games but also into more areas of Christian living overall. You will see more of this unfold as time goes on.

We will continue to work hard to encourage, edify and exhort fellow believers to live orderly lives for the sake of the gospel, and to live more like Christ in all areas of life. That is ultimately what this community will always be working toward, no matter the specific areas God leads us into.

I will be working on a specific Water On Thirsty Land Discord server that will focus more on the ministry and overall Christian living aspects of what we do. This will be the place for those who want to keep up with the entire ministry, shop listings, Bible studies, Christian living reviews and recommendations, and any other updates and fellowship. We will soon see what God has in store for us here, but you can plan on housing more fellowship here for those who want to go beyond the gaming fellowship.

The Morning Brew Community Discord server will continue to be where we primarily focus on the gaming ministry aspect, and all will be welcome to be in either or both. I do not currently anticipate great changes in the Morning Brew Community server. Our Morning Song ESO Guild and Minecraft Realm, as well as any other gaming ventures we continue to dive into, will continue to be housed here.

The Vineyard Women’s Group will continue to gather in our private Discord server, and will officially be under the Water On Thirsty Land brand versus the Morning Brew Community umbrella. This just means that our focus will not just be on Christian women who are also gamers, but Christian women as a whole. My prayer is that this opens doors to reach more women that God wants to bring together here and build up in the faith.

For an invitation or additional information about any of these Discord servers, please feel free to reach out to me!

    What to expect moving forward

    You can expect a consistent schedule for Morning Brew Community, The Vineyard, and Water On Thirsty Land overall moving forward. Some of the things you can look forward to are as follows.

    Every Month

    Every Week

    • Bible Studies and Devotionals
    • Book of the Bible Overview
    • Christian Living Reviews & Recommendations
    • Free Bible verse wallpapers
    • Weekly ESO, Minecraft and other game events
    • Weekly Vineyard Bible studies


    • ESO housing events and tours
    • Minecraft Realm for community
    • Ministry News and Updates
    • Etsy shop product updates
    • Christian living product reviews and recommendations
    • Fellowship with believers

    How can you support our ministry efforts?

    With all of this big news, I am so excited for whatever the future may hold! God is so good, and I know without question that He is with us on this journey guiding the way. This is a huge step and with it will come the need for people to step in and support in a variety of ways. We have, and will continue to find, many ways for those who feel led to support our community and ministry in some way to jump in the way in which God so leads.

    If you have been blessed by the Morning Brew Community, The Vineyard, Our Morning Song, or Water On Thirsty Land we invite you to prayerfully consider supporting us in any of the following ways.

    Join us on Discord

    As explained above, we have three Discord servers depending on what parts of the community you are most interested in being a part of. We would love to invite you into any of our servers (inquire via the contact form above).

    The Discord servers are a no-pressure space for all of our members to gather virtually for fellowship, prayer, gaming, learning, growing, and doing life together. I’d personally love to have you with us! We absolutely do not take the place of a church. Rather, our community serves as a supplement for those looking for additional fellowship and growth with other believers.

    Join us in game

    We have a growing Elder Scrolls Online Christian guild on the PC-NA server (not cross-platform, unfortunately), as well as a Christian Minecraft Realm for the community. We also have a strong New World Christian fellowship going, and we play many other games together.

    Join us in the Morning Brew Community Discord for more information and to join our gaming fellowship groups.

    Sign up for the Mailing List

    Our mailing list is one of the best ways to keep up with all of the latest updates, studies, opportunities, and more that goes on across the whole community. Upon signing up you will get some exclusive freebies that I pray will encourage you, and you will also receive emails from me regularly with the latest blog content, updates, freebies, and more!

    This is a great way to support the ministry by staying informed, while also receiving free resources and additional insight and information.


    We are always looking for volunteers! Every single area of the ministry could use more hands on deck to advance our mission. I know your time is valuable, and if God so calls you to inquire about volunteering with us your request will be prayerfully considered and all volunteers accepted will be prayerfully placed.

    Currently, we are seeking the following positions to be filled, and the list is updated regularly.

    • Event Leaders
    • ESO Guild Officers
    • Prayer Team
    • Community Care Team

    Financial Support

    All support is incredibly appreciated but never expected. If you are feeling led by God to give to our ministry, the following are how you can do so. We have committed to giving at least 20% of every month’s proceeds to a charity that helps advance the Kingdom of God in some way. Every form of support goes toward this pledge.

    Our ministry has a variety of expenses, some of which include the following, which all proceeds help to cover:

    • Offering Bible Studies
    • Purchasing books & Bibles to review
    • Purchasing group Bible study materials
    • Designing products & merchandise
    • Helping women in the Vineyard purchase a Bible or study materials
    • Funding Website & Moderation tools
    • Providing free study tools & resources
    • Funding the Discord servers
    • ESO guild hall & Minecraft Realm expenses
    • & more

    All of our expenses are prayerfully considered before any investments are made, and we strive to ensure all proceeds go toward fulfilling our mission, advancing the Kingdom of God, bringing Him glory, and serving His people.

    Support monthly on Patreon

    On our Water On Thirsty Land Patreon page, you can give monthly and earn special merchandise every 3 months you subscribe. You can also choose which area of the community you would like to contribute to.

    Vineyard Fund OR Water On Thirsty Land Fund

    $5 per month

    • 3 months: Sticker
    • 6 months: Mini print
    • 9 months: Sticker
    • 12 months: Mini print

    $15 per month

    • 3 months: Mug
    • 6 months: T-shirt
    • 9 months: Poster
    • 12 months: T-shirt

    $30 per month

    • 3 months: Mug
    • 6 months: T-shirt
    • 9 months: Longsleeved shirt
    • 12 months: Hoodie

    General Fund:

    Our general fund will be getting a makeover soon, but we currently have $5, $15, and $30 tiers for those who wish to give to whatever the highest needs of the overall ministry may be. The general fund currently gets merchandise rewards after 3 months of giving.

    Donate Directly

    Our Water On Thirsty Land donation page is here for those who feel led to give a one-time donation to the ministry. Your donations will go toward the overall operations and expenses of the community and will help fund the various resources we provide.

    Operation Christmas Child Fundraiser

    November Fundraiser

    Samaritan’s Purse: Operation Christmas Child

    In November 2021 we will be doing a community fundraiser all month to raise funds for the ministry and community. 50% of all November proceeds will be donated to Operation Christmas Child on behalf of the community.

    All donations, monthly Patreon subscriptions, and store purchases in November will not only help support our community but also help provide Christmas gifts for families in need this year!

    If you want to donate directly to Operation Christmas Child, please feel free to do so! We will be partnering with UkuleleWorship for this amazing fundraiser and you can find her goal page here.

    Etsy Shop Discount

    In November 2021 you will also get a limited-time 15% discount with the code 3YRANNY on our Etsy shop.

    Offer valid on all printables, apparel, and more from November 8 through November 30, 2021.

    Welcome to the family!

    No matter how you choose to get involved, gather, study, pray or be a part of this ministry please know you are so valued and loved. I appreciate you being here and know that you are not here by accident. Thank you with all my heart for being here on this journey with us. I am looking forward to seeing what God has ahead for us!

    Welcome, Morning Brew Community, to Water On Thirsty Land! I pray you are blessed by this union and the growth we are sure to have ahead of us by the glorious grace of our Heavenly Father.

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