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Are you a new Christian, or someone who is curious or learning about how to read the Bible? Our Bible Study Basics posts cover topics that will help you launch into the Bible as a new reader or the Word of God.

John Overview

Main Themes of the Gospel of John

Who wrote the Gospel of John and who did they write it for? The apostle John wrote the gospel of John. His father was Zebedee, and…

Luke Overview

Main Themes of the Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke is a collection of reports compiled to create a chronological and historical record of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus.…

Mark Overview

Main Themes of the Gospel of Mark

Who wrote the Gospel of Mark and who did they write it for? The Apostle Mark wrote the gospel of Mark for gentile Christians, in particular…

How do you Pray Strategically

How do you pray strategically?

Prayer is a powerful tool and our method of communication with God. There are so many ways to pray and lots of recommended methods, but ultimately…

Pray Scripture

How do you pray scripture?

When I was new to reading the Bible, I was very discouraged by my incredibly terrible memory. I used to have a wonderful memory. I’d grown…

Praying Intentionally

How do you pray intentionally?

When I came into my faith and started to read the Bible, praying, and living a Christ-like life I had no idea how it would change…

Pray without ceasing

How do you pray without ceasing?

You have likely been told at some point or another to “pray without ceasing”, or to “always be praying”. This is something that can be difficult…

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