Find encouragement in our devotionals, verse of the week, and monthly reading plans. We invite Christians to pray and consider how God may be speaking to them through each theme.

What Matthew 16_24 teaches us about renewal

What Matthew 16:24 teaches about renewal

Matthew 16:24 provides necessary instruction from Jesus that came right after Peter rebuked Jesus when He told the disciples about his upcoming death and resurrection. Jesus…

What Psalm 51_10 teaches us about renewal

What Psalm 51:10 teaches about renewal

Sometimes when I make a mistake, overreact, hurt someone, forget something, or blatantly sin I feel like a genuinely horrible person unworthy of God. It makes…

John 3_36

How John 3:36 encourages balance

Romans 1 reminded me of verses 18-36 of John 3, but particularly John 3:36. In John, we are warned that if we do not obey Jesus…

Matthew 5_6

How Matthew 5:6 encourages balance

Life has been such a whirlwind that feels like a never-ending storm. Sometimes it feels like it is just chewing us up and spitting us out…



Do you ever feel a bit restless? Like your heart is not quite on fire for Jesus and you’re struggling to rekindle it? Maybe you’ve grown…

Blessed in the Chaos

Blessed in the Chaos

At the end of what shouldn’t have felt like a stressful day, I felt so depleted, defeated, and just utterly exhausted both mentally and physically. There…

No Headlights

When life feels overwhelming

I had a dream last night, really more of a nightmare if I am honest. I was driving down a very dark road with my child…

Mustard Seed Faith

Mustard Seed Faith

Mustard Seed Faith You ever meet someone who tells you their testimony, and they leave you wondering “is that real? Is that kind of faith even…

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

In our Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) guild, Our Morning Song, we have an event where we get a group together to go virtual fishing. During this…

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